The Mandala Vol. XI

What is a mandala? Mandala is the Sanskrit word for “sacred circle.” The Tibetan word for mandala means “center of the universe in which a fully awakened being abides.” Circles are universally associated with meditation, healing and prayer. Mandalas have been used for thousands of years in Native American, Hindu and Buddhist practices to express wholeness, unity, the womb, completion and eternity.

Mandalas are geometrical art forms that represent the forces of the world, intricate symbols drawn within geometric shapes of different colors to form a perfect circle. People through the ages have used these metaphysical maps to explore their places in the universe. Mandalas can be used as tools for psychological insight, objects of meditation and forms of artistic expression.

Like the mandalas, may the original art herein collected be an expression of exploration of the forces that have shaped the lives of the authors.


Staff/teachers may electronically submit original work of their students’ to:
Scot Aden at
We hold the expectation that all submissions are proofed and approved by submitting staff. IAAE Mandala staff will also review before posting and maintain final approval.

For each submission please include:
Title of piece
Student name
Class assignment/where idea came from